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For more than 80 years we have been producing springs of all kinds as well as stamping and bending parts. The company is still family-owned.


We are known for technical leadership in our line of business. As early as 1964 we used electronically controlled coiling machines. Today, our springs are produced using most modern computer-controlled machines. Since 1974 our production plan has been generated by computer.


Based on our principle “A job is neither too difficult nor too small“, we assist our customers in selecting and designing the springs that suit their needs best for an economical production.


In matters of springs we are a generalist providing all possible kinds of springs. Adapted to market needs we assist your prototyping and produce small production runs as well as high volume productions.


Whatever your requirements in technical springs may be, our experienced advisors will do all they can to help with the choice of materials and dimensions.

Rudolf Tmej GmbH  .  Fabrik für technische Federn

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